Dated: 9th August'2017

I graduated today. So call this whole "me being awake right now and writing at this hour" thing graduation blues? (I might upload this later than the day I started writing it, so just ignore this lol)Nah, I'm just kidding, this post was waay over due, I was just waiting for the right time and uh, the feels? 
Two years, of joy, sadness, new friendships, drama, anger and heartbreaks (I only had the exam and university related ones lol don't worry), they come to an end now.  So I had to write a post about the people who made these two years worth it. There's no specific order for the names, I'm just writing randomly so you can stop wondering. And I might be a little straightforward and blunt here so you read this at your own choice, okay, considering the fact that I will send the link to everyone I've written about, ok chill it won't be that bad!
Mirha and Ramsha: I wouldn't have survived biology classes without you two, and I'm not kidding. Because I…


Heyyy, guess who's baaaack!
Alright, so let me get this straight. I am definitely not one of those who wish others "Happy New Year" because I don't think its important or I'll just say this bluntly, yeah okay I find it stupid. (Calm your 'how dare she' instincts please if you're offended by this, I just happen to have a different opinion than yours, no big deal, right?)
BUT, I just happened to come up with the idea for this post, probably because I didn't want to stop writing here completely and needed to get my mind off some things.
So here, I happen to write some(I wrote the number 16 here initially but I couldn't come up with 16 different things, so yeah) random or important things that happened in 2016. I'm pretty sure most of you won't even understand the things stated here but its alright. Please don't bother asking me, by now you should know I don't like talking about what I write here.
Sooooooo, I did not get inducted durin…

Shut up.

I LIKE small talk. I don't want to hear how galaxies are made and how the solar system works. I don't want to listen to your stories at 2 am while 'sitting on the roof under the stars' because I'd rather prefer sleeping under the blankets on my bed. I don't like hearing the cliché story of how your boyfriend cheated on you or how your friend betrayed you or how your crush broke your heart and how you now spend your days crying and eating icecream and reading deep shit on Instagram, accept it, it ends up making you more depressed. I don't want to know how 'you find meaning in sad poems.' Stop romanticizing life and making yourself seem useless. Lift your chin up, smile, grow up and LIVE. The mainstream 'deep talks' can wait. No, I'm not sorry. 🤗


"You know, you're sort of cold-hearted.""Yeah, you're insensitive." She smiled while she listened to what they said about her.  "Haha, you don't know how over-excited I get when someone texts me first. You don't know how delighted I feel when my Dad brings me chocolates. You don't know how sad I get when I see a homeless child on the street and how I ask my Dad not to scare them away and give them money. You don't know how much seeing a stray dog in pain breaks my heart. You don't know how absolutely worthless I feel when I flunk that Physics test I studied so freakin' hard for. You don't know how I used to be that girl who would stay up until 3 am so she could read all the deep posts in peace. You don't know that there was a time when I followed all those pages on Instagram which made me feel like the saddest being on earth so I had to stop. You don't know all the times when I texted my best friend to tell me somethin…

10 Things You Should Know, My Friend.

1. The best answer to every question about a change in you is simply 'I grew up'. 
2. Being a bitch has become quite mainstream and you should always stand out. Thus, be nice. Always. 
3. Whenever you feel sad, prepare for yourself a big cup of Nesquik and go watch Friends. You can choose an alternate for Nesquik too. This always works for me, btw. *grins*
4. The age 16 is not quite sweet. It's actually bitter. I don't know if that makes sense.
5. Listen to your Dad's stories about his youth. At times, they're pretty amazing.  
6. Money can buy happiness. I would prefer travelling to Paris to make me feel good rather than going to an amusement park. But you've also got to learn to be grateful for the things you already have.
7. If your mom tells you something is placed somewhere, believe me, it is there but when you have to look for it, some weird supernatural creature hides it. ._____.
8. Try not to have so many secrets. Trust people, but not very easily. 
9. Do n…


Isn't it amazing when you feel like you're the happiest person in the whole world? When you laugh freely without a single thought in your mind that makes you anxious? When you've got no aches? When all you've got in your heart and mind is sheer delight and happiness? When you learn to let go? When you learn to let go of the things that broke you down? When what people say doesn't affect you anymore? When your coffee doesn't get cold while waiting? When being alone seems like a pleasure? When you wake up everyday with a wide smile on your face? When you feel like exercising? When you feel like you have everything even if you don't? When you feel healthy? When you feel like the whole universe is going your way? Let me tell you my friend, it's not just amazing. It's beyond amazing. It's just inexplicable.

Too much awesome-ness to handle in one post.

'You have to leave something behind to go forward.' Bleh. So, January has already passed and well, now there is almost a month and a half left for the torture to end. Woohooo! I am gonna miss it when it all ends. *wakes myself up* NOT the school. I repeat, not at all. I'm just going to miss some awesome people I'll be separated from.You don't know which awesome people I'm talking about, right? Wait, you will, :') How about I start with some of my oldest friends?
"Hi, I'm Fatima. I make dirty jokes when I'm uncomfortable. No, wait, I'm always uncomfortable. No, wait, I always make dirty jokes. I'm a master at them." If somewhere out there, you see somebody waving like crazy or jumping all of a sudden, just prepare yourself for the Fatima attack. She will squeeze your cheeks like an Aunty(she isn't an Aunty type person but I don't know what happens to her at times like this or maybe she only does this with me becau…